My Benefits


The reward system of Quick Spa is a reward system for clients based on the collection of points from various actions. Points are added to the customer's account and once he / she collects any certain number, he / she will be able to benefit from a discount rate or get a suggested product or service for free.
By logging in to your account at, you can see on your profile, the points you have collected.
* Points are valid for the current year and are not transferable.

Client Registration

Benefit from our discounts and gifts through the reward system by becoming a client.

Earning Points

Choose and perform one or more reward actions to earn extra points.

Your Reward

500 points = €5.00
Services and Products

New customer referral 500 points

500 points

Retail purchase of a product

2 points per €1

Online purchase of service

2 points per €1

First time get a service

150 points

Register at Quick Spa

100 points

Every time you celebrate your Birthday

100 points

Make an Incredible Gift

Get the perfect gift, of any amount, services or package. A Gift for every occasion: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday. Ideal for the person who has everything.