What is De-Ageing?

An organic facelift designed to combats the signs of aging. The specialized hyaluronic acid formula in combination with the RF machine (Radio Frequency), create a powerful facial treatment that helps products penetrate deeper, leaving the skin firmer, more hydrated and elastic. It gives a healthy glow to the face and a more youthful and relaxed look, an ideal treatment for tired or mature skin.

55 Minutes

Important Information

What you need to know:This is a drastic treatment with immediate, visible results that sometimes can cause a temporary irritation to the skin that disappears after about 30’.
You will feel: Absolute freshness and firmness throughout the face.
Suggested: Once a month, especially to people over 40 years of age. To individuals with additional needs, the beautician through dialog will propose the creation of a personalized package in combination with other RF and Ultrasound Treatments.


Reservations & Cancellations

If you must cancel your appointment, please keep in mind that a 24-hour cancellation notice is appreciated by phone or in person. This allows us time to replace that appointment. In the event that we don’t hear from you in time, a the following service charge will be assessed.